The Renesons Philosophy

Our Salon

To work with hair in its natural state, treating it as organic material, giving it
shape and balance to reflect the individual and uniquely reveal their beauty.
This is Renesons's philosophy, beautiful in its simplicity, realised by
applying precision cutting and colour techniques in a way that sensuously
suits the individual.

A great haircut is determined by client bone structure, face shape, complexion
and individual style interplay to create a fusion betwen cut,colour and client.
By understanding a client's hair refining its texture and studying its movement,
it can be cut as if material, shaped for sensual movement and coloured to
complement the skin.

A great haircut is unaffected, evolving subtly each season, always true
to the individual. It is manageable and low maintance, progressing
from day to night with ease, functional yet fresh, moving freely but
staying in shape. It shines as it moves, an effortlessly sophisticated look.

We @ Beauty by Bridget acknowledge that our clients are very important to us & only expect & deserve the very best from our highly trained therapists. Training is one of the key ways we keep our standards so high & our clients so happy, which after all is what it is all about.

We take full advantage of additional training programs whether it is Dermalogica Facial & Body treatments, Orly hand & foot treatments or Creative Nail enhancements, so as to increase our knowledge & skills.

Our range of treatments is vast & we will only take on a product that works such as our "Crystal Clear" Microdermabration & Oxygen Theropy which is proving so popular. Plus our latest product the "Lycon Waxing System" which is also something we are very passionate about as not only does it give great results, it is also very less painful which can only be a good thing.